Can You Wear Swim Shorts To The Gym?

Can You Wear Swim Shorts To The Gym?

Do you want to wear the same thing at two different places and still look like a boss? Well, we say why the hell not! 

One question we (and Google) get asked a lot is “can wear swim shorts at the gym?”. If you are sat pondering the same life changing conundrum, then this is the right place for you. Keep on reading to to get the holy grail of Tuesday afternoon questions…

Swim Shorts or Gym Shorts

#1 What Are Swim Shorts?

As it sounds, swims shorts are thigh-length shorts that you can wear when you are out for swimming. They are specifically made for people at the beach or a pool to look awesome and be comfortable wet and dry. The mesh lining in the inside of the swim shorts helps them dry faster when you are out of the water and also protects the skin from getting any rashes from the friction of the surfboards, inflatable unicorns or any other flotation devices. Swim shorts help you swim and surf with ease and enjoy the water without discomfort. Most men wear swim shorts as the ultimate swimwear whenever they want to get the best out of the water and the beachside / poolside environment, enjoying the summer season.

#2 Can You Wear Them to the Gym?

According to popular opinion, wearing swim shorts with bold prints or designs anywhere but at the beach or pool, can look a bit out of place. But wearing the right designs or plain, monochromatic shorts can be easily worn to the gym. One key factor you will need from your shorts, will be the need for stretch.  Non-stretchy swimwear will be uncomfortable and no doubt will result in a split seam and a butt cheek winking at your fellow athletes! We’ve worn our shorts to the gym on many occasions to try an shift some of that holiday weight.  They’ve been on the treadmill, on the bike, in the squat rack and then straight into the pool.  The triple stitched seams and 10% stretch make for that epic comfy fit and durability, and the to top it all off, just pop the phone and headphones in the waterproof pocket and just jump straight in the pool - unless you’re training in some of those big-arse Beats headphones, then you have no hope of squeezing them in the pocket!

So they answer is, if the shorts in question are Randy Cow’s, then yes you can.  And you will look awesome doing it too!


Randy Cow Swim Shorts

#3 Where To Get Them?

You can get your hands on a pair of these awesome looking, easy to handle swim shorts that you can also wear to the gym from our Swim Shorts Collection. This website has the best stock if you are looking for high-quality, stretchable shorts with both unique prints and plain designs. These shorts are made out of 90% recycled bottles and 10% spandex, mixed to make to give you that amazing and flexible fit. These shorts also have a waterproof pocket to keep your belongings safe and dry. Also, the strong stretchy material and the triple-stitched seams prevent the shorts from wearing out and splitting easily. They are possibly the best pair of swim shorts that you can get your hands on.

Happy Gym’ming n Swimming!


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