Rocking your BBQ this summer

Rocking your BBQ this summer

Nothing says summer more than a BBQ. In fact, most people look forward to BBQs the most - burnt & raw sausages, unexpected tan lines and meeting the inappropriate neighbours . Yes, things will be a little different due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this does not mean that we cannot enjoy the delights of dining with friends, family and freeloaders. Below are some helpful tips to help you step up your BBQ game a notch higher...

Investing in a good BBQ is everything.

To make the most out of a BBQ, you have to be ready to invest in quality items and products. For example, if you are yet to install a grill in your garden, look for one that is durable and will stand the test of time. With plenty of options out there, you have to be keen before arriving at a decision. This includes charcoal grills, pellet grills, and gas grills, all of which can get the job done effectively. You should base your decision on the number of people present, the type of fuel you want to use, and the style you are imitating.

Dress accordingly

The summer season brings with it a laid-back vibe, and your back garden attire will speak volumes. Generally, you are supposed to dress in the most comfortable way possible. You definitely have endless options to choose from, so don’t make this decision a complicated one. (Here comes the plug...) By wearing colourful fabric or our epic swim shorts, you will not only feel in place, but you will also be showcasing your characteristics and casting down your status as king of the Garden, with confidence you won't be showing off more than you bargained for when you quickly bend down to grab that dropped burger (1, 2, 3, 4... got it!)


Practice sustainability

Even though grilling is a brilliant way to make the most out of the summer, you still have to consider your environment. BBQs can produce a lot of waste that can contribute to landfills and pollution if not properly handled. Therefore, you have to make sure your BBQ is eco-friendly. You can do so by:

Think about the menu

Try to portion size - grill the amount of meat which is just enough for everyone. The more meat available, the more carbon emissions produced, so just cook what you will eat. Moreover, try to purchase local organic and sustainably produced products.
If possible, you can consider switching meat for other vegetarian options. This will hugely reduce the carbon and water footprint without compromising on the tasty treats. Options to consider include cheese, mushrooms, veggie burgers, and grilled aubergine.

Avoid single-use plastics

Single-use plastics have become a menace to the environment. You can also reuse utensils after every use. Yes, this might require more washing-up from you, but at the end of it, mother earth will thank you for it (and so will we!). Additionally, ensure that that you only use food with recyclable or biodegradable packaging - and make sure you do actually do the recycling, it can be very tempting on a hangover to just dump everything in the bin!

Choose eco-friendly drinks

Instead of purchasing drinks in plastic bottles, impress the people with homemade beverages. Most of them, such as lemonade, are easy to prepare by yourself. You will be saving your money whilst showing off how bloody awesome you actually are.

Entertainment is key

A BBQ is all about eating and having fun - spicing it up with a bit of entertainment won’t break a bone. You can prepare a music playlist, drop some serious Dad jokes and puns, or prepare some games - it may be best to avoid those which include car keys and a fish bowl until you have really got to know your guests.


This Spring / Summer. we might be a little restricted, but the BBQ tradition should live on!



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