GQ - Our New BFF's

GQ - Our New BFF's

Now this Summer hasn't really gone to plan if we're all honest - it'll be one we will remember forever, but want to forget as soon as possible.  However, even though we have been fighting against this global pandemic to sell our awesome swim shorts and kids swim shorts, we have managed to get some amazing feedback from what we have sold and some even greater press from some of the best publications out there, notably GQ.  In the July / August edition we were beyond happy to have a full page feature in print.  The 'Style & Substance' headline really sums us up well - well we like to think so anyway!

Randy Cow Swim Shorts in British GQ


Alongside the amazing printed feature we then had our socks knocked off by topping the list in July for 'Best New Menswear Product in the World this Week' (6th July 2020):

Randy Cow Best Swim Shorts Worldwide in GQ


And just as we were working on our new Best Friends secret handshake, we were then rolled out at 2nd on the list of "Best Swim Shorts for Post-lockdown Poolside" (18th August 2020) and now it's official, we're soul mates for life and we couldn't be happier:

Randy Cow Best Swim Shorts in GQ

So now, whilst we go back to the drawing board for our next new designs and products, and whilst we pray for hope of some winter sun and fun on the travel cards. We are humbled and the good news, reviews, feedback and press we have received so far in our first year - this is just the start!



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