6 Ways To Be Green At The Beach

6 Ways To Be Green At The Beach

Climate change has everyone in a tiz. Everyone from Greta Thunberg to the kids that live on the corner of the street seem to have realised how serious the situation is - well, almost everyone! This being said, a number of reports predicting the end of the world as we know it have now become public knowledge. All these time wise contradictory reports have one thing in common: a message urging us to go green and be kinder to our planet.

The ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth, as such it contributes to a majority of the space affected by changes concerning the Earth. The daily pollution that penetrates the Earth’s layers goes into the ocean too. One major source of the oceans’ pollution that leads to climate change is the garbage tossed into it by us humans. This has led to a garbage patch the size of Mexico being created in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Now, in these times and in light of knowing what we have caused, we must play our part in putting a stop to it. Here are 6 ways to be green(er) at the beach.

#1 Careful With The Sunscreen:

Beachgoers must never forget their sunscreens in order to protect themselves from the dangers of UVB, IR, and UVA rays. But at the same time, it is important to protect our oceans from the dangers of toxic sunscreens. Eco and organic sunscreens that do not include chemical solar filters in the ingredients are best as they are not harmful to the sea or the life in its depths.

#2 Avoid Plastic Bottles:

It is, by now, common knowledge that if we do not change our current patterns of plastic usage, by 2050 the ocean will be home to more plastic than fish. While it is important to try and avoid usage of plastic bottles altogether, it is more important to take ownership and dispose of all plastic bottles properly in the nearest recycling units or take them home with you so they don’t end up in the ocean. Metal bottles or water coolers are easy enough to handle on a trip, and it is best to opt for them on a visit to the beach.

#3 Reduce The Waste Footprint:

Bring reusable items with you, such as cloth bags and melamine plates, to avoid polluting the environment. This is an overall useful hack that saves both money and the Earth.

#4 Leave The Sand Where It Is:

It seems like a harmless gesture, but when you think about it, you’re taking away a piece of the already fragile ecosystem. One person might not make a difference, but remember, you’re not the only one doing it.


#5 Leave The Vehicles:

There are plenty of bikes for rent available on the beach. Leave the petrol supported vehicles home for a bit, and walk or bike to your destination wher at all possible.  The added exercise will also be good for you!

#6 Do Not Harm The Sealife:

Many children will collect starfish or jellyfish, and leave them to die without caring for them. Now, it is especially important to leave the ocean dwellers to their homes.

Going green isn't too hard, and here are 6 easy ways to be green at the beach, so adapt them now to do your duty to your world!

Peace ✌🏻 



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