How to Style Swim Shorts for a Pool Party

How to Style Swim Shorts for a Pool Party

Since the first summer of the new decade isn’t so far away, we decided it would be best to discuss the most important of summer trends and styles. Well, the most important part of summer fashion is definitely the swimwear. Being the cool dude you are, there are inevitably many pool parties you’ll be gracing with your presence, and we’re guessing you can’t think of more than one way to style your trusty swim shorts. Well, don’t worry, because you’re in the right place. Read on to find out our best 5 ways to style your new awesome swim shorts:

Sea Turtle Swim Shorts

#1 The Correct Contrast:

To make sure your look is just the right amount of fun and sophisticated, you have to create the perfect contrast between plain swim shorts and patterned swim shorts. The first way to make the correct contrast would be with a pair of funky, printed swim shorts and a simple, plain t-shirt in a complimenting colour.

Blue Swim Shorts

The second way would be to just flip things around. Opt for the funkiest t-shirt in your closet, with a fun print or design, and pair it with some plain swim shorts to tone it all down.

Lemon Yellow Swim Shorts

#2 Preppy Polos:

If you’re a guy who likes to go for a bit more of a preppy look, then polo shirts are going to be your go to fashion staple. To keep the look simple and sophisticated, it’s best to pair the polo shirt with swim shorts that have a pastel colour. Yellow, pink, and blue are ideal options - and luckily for you, we have the best colours around!

 Blue Swim Shorts

#3 Buttoned-up and Formal:

Do you like to include a little bit of business in your pleasure, sir? We understand. Pick your simplest button-up shirt, roll-up those sleeves (if it’s a long sleeved shirt) and strut, to create the ideal classy look you need for that summer pool party.

Octopus Swim Shorts

#4 Simple Tank Top:

Last but not least, pairing your fun, printed swim shorts with a classic white or grey tank top only results in the ideal pool party outfit.


Randy Cow


#5 What Is Randy Cow?

Good question. We are your go to place for the highest quality, trendiest, and most fun swim shorts this summer. The most remarkable quality of our shorts is that they’re produced with 90% recycled plastic and 10% spandex to make sure the fit is comfortable and stretchy to your liking. This means that 12 used plastic bottles are gone into making one pair of swim shorts. So, not only are we lessening the plastic waste from our planet, but also providing you with the best swimwear of 2020. The main feature of our awesome shorts is the revolutionary waterproof pocket, which works as deep as 30m into the water and lets you store your phone or other belongings safe while you’re in the pool, rather than having to hide them under a towel, or left in an unattended bag.

Now that you know 5 ways to style your swim shorts, you’ll rule the roost at your next pool party. With a brand as versatile and eco-friendly as Randy Cow, you can bet you’ll feel just as amazing as you’ll look walking down the beach in your new swim shorts.


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