What to pack on a beach day trip

What to pack on a beach day trip

Even with the current pandemic, a beach day trip is still up there on the list of summer vacation options. Whether you are just visiting a close-to-your-home beach or going for a trip, you will have to organise for it to be a success. One way to do so is by knowing what to pack, from the toiletries to the essentials.
Some items shouldn't be left out in your packing list. However, you have to ensure that the overall luggage s lightweight and versatile. This will make it easy for you to carry it around; the aim here is to relieve stress and pressure, not to add to it. Below are some of the essentials that we think you will need to pack…

Quick Drying Beach Towels - Randy Cow

Beach Towels

After a long day of engaging in fun beach activities, you will be grateful to get rid of at least the top layer of gunk and dirt that will have accumulated during the day. However, this does not mean that you have to carry around your bulky home towels with you. Therefore, choosing the best travel towel for your drying needs is essential. Choose wisely. You want a towel that is big in size but small to travel with. A towel which is super absorbent so you can dry off quickly. One which keeps the sand at bay. And if you could get one which is soft to touch whilst being made from 100% recycled plastic, then you are winning. Luckily the Randy Cow towels are all of these and more, with their trademark RC style. We’re amazing, yes we know.

Sun cream

Yes, the sun will provide you with vitamin D, a nutrient much needed by the body. However, the same sun also has harmful ultraviolet rays that penetrate your skin and damage it. This makes sunscreen one of the essential items that you should bring along on a beach trip. It will not just protect your skin from stubborn sunburns; it is also an excellent way to minimize the skin damage that causes problems such as skin discolouration, saggy skin, etc.

As much as you want to enjoy your summer, you should also consider the environment. With so many sun creams available in the market, it would be best to let the environment go for the eco-friendly ones.

Bin bags

Pollution has become a significant problem facing our marine life. You are advised to imitate the behaviour you have in your home at the beach. Therefore, every time you visit the beach, ensure that you carry a bin bag. It will help you carry all the waste you have on the beach and dispose of it properly. Don’t be leave more than you came with, it’s not cool and common belief has dictated that beach ‘litter leavers’ are more likely to re-incarnated as dung beetles. It really isn’t worth the risk if you ask us.


Even though sunglasses have been regarded as ubiquitous symbols of style, they also important for your eye health. First of all, they will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from the sun. They also help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration, two of the leading causes of eye problems globally.

Flamingo Swim Shorts - Randy Cow

Swim shorts

One of the reasons you are visiting the beach is probably to get some sun. Therefore, the more covered up you are, the less your body will come into contact with the sun. You might also be tempted to take a dip. Swim shorts will serve all these purposes effectively.

Randy Cow swim shorts are have an awesome waterproof pocket, meaning you do not have to leave your valuables under a towel. You can safely take a dip with these items in the pocket - safe and dry down to 30m! Not to miss mentioning how cool the look and amazing they fit - don’t believe us…? Check out some of our awesome 5 star reviews!

Take Away

With everything packed, you are now ready to enjoy the warm weather, the sun's heat, and the sea breeze, all calling for you to be outside and drown your worries.
And don’t forget to send us some pics sporting your RC items, we love to see and celebrate great taste!


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