Waterproof Pocket

The Rock Star Waterproof Pocket

Swim Shorts Waterproof Pocket

Our amazing waterproof pocket is neatly integrated into our swim shorts, whilst still keeping you with two working pockets and peace of mind.  The pocket is made using TPU which is completely carbon neutral to make and biodegradable (if buried it will biodegrade within 2 years).

The water, air and gas tight seal is accomplished using rare-earth Neodymium Magnets and flexible TPU strips.  The magnets are rust proof and Mobile phone & Credit Card friendly. The way the pocket opening is weighted, along with the magnetic strips means once you let go, the pocket will snap shut!

Our pockets are fully trusted to keep your belongings dry down to 30m when fully closed and not overfilled.

Randy Cow Waterproof Pocket Size

Pretty cool, hey? Yeah we think so too!